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Day 5 - Grand Caymans

8:15 we departed on the Sting Ray City Tour.  Not to be missed.  They boat you to a sand bar around 3 miles from shore where you stand in waist deep water and feed sting rays pieces of squid from your hand.  It is an unbelievable experience.  A must do.

At 12:00 we walked from the Sting Ray City boat dock to the Beach Club Colony (around 3 blocks).  We stopped on the way for an ice cream cone--it was $7.50 (and they would not give me change in American dollars!)! What they say about high prices in Grand Cayman is very true. 

The Beach Club Colony is a resort that allows cruise ship people on their beach.  Of course it costs $5 to get on their beach,  and another $5 for an umbrella.  They pack you in like sardines--5 rows of chairs all next to each other.  The water was clear with a sandy bottom.  As you looked up and down the beach at the uncrowded sections it looked beautiful.  I snorkeled and only saw one fish.  I would never come back to Beach Club Colony.

At 2:00 it started to rain and we left Beach Club Colony.  We shopped brieflly by the pier on the way out and bought two large rum cakes ($18).  I wished I would have gotten more.  I'm surprised they did not kick me out for all the free samples I ate (I really pigged out).

At 4:00 they gave out sheets by the pool and demonstrated how to tie togas.

6:00 Italian night in the dining room.  Waiters sang O-Solo-Mio (forgive my spelling).

The 9:00 PM show Flashback was excellent.  Great talent.  They sang music of the 50's - 90's.  The comedy juggler that followed was also excellent.

11:00 Toga party.  Not to be missed.  How often do you see 100-200 people in togas doing a chain dance around the pool.  A small buffet was also set up by the pool.