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Biofilter Construction

I started work on the biofilter today. I found the top was easier to cut with a reciprocating saw, than a jig-saw. 

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Above pic is of the drain, I cut off part of a 4" elbow, and will be mounting it with toilet flanges. The washer I cut from rubber for the toilet flange.


Above pics are the bread trays I found behind a closed market. They are 2' X 2" and much sturdier than plastic ceiling tile screen that a lot of people use. I don't know if anyone ever used bread trays, but they are fairly common around here.   I cut one for above and one for below the spring-flo media.


 Above shows spring-flo media sitting on top of the cut bread tray.


Supports were built out of 1" PVC pipe and filled with sand.


I glued the pipes on my biofilter today using 3m Marine Sealant 5200. The first pic shows a tool I made out of the top of the 55 gallon drum to tighten the nuts on the shower drain. My caulk gun broke about one minute into the project, so I cut the sealant tube open with a box cutter and used a piece of wood to scoop it out and spread it. It actually worked pretty well.


I glued together some of the PVC fittings prior so I would be able to hold a piece of pipe on the outside while tightening the fittings, making it a one person job.


The completed glue job.  Note, the 55 gallon drum above is upside down.

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Last updated February 04, 2006